Student Organization Reimbursement Request

Temporary Change to Reimbursements Under $50

Until further notice, all reimbursements will be paid by Direct Deposit. Learn how to set up Direct Deposit in WIN

With all the payment options SOFO offers, we hope you’ll never end up having to spend your personal funds for your organization expenses.

But if you DO, here are some important things to know:

  • You should request your reimbursement no more than 30 days after incurring the expense.
  • You must have documentation of an expense. This means detailed receipts, supplier invoices showing a payment, etc. These will need to be turned in along with a reimbursement request. Phone pictures are accepted, but be sure the documents are legible!
  • Your request must include a detailed business purpose, or your reimbursement will be delayed.

This form should ONLY be submitted for reimbursements related to:

  • Student organization expenses paid from a 129xxx Cost Center or Agency Fund
  • Event expenses funded by the Student Activity Fee (SAF)

You must be the person receiving the reimbursement to submit this request. Documentation of the expense, such as receipts or invoices showing the payment, are required. You will have an opportunity to upload your documentation at the end of the form.

Student Organization Finance Office
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SOFO operations are altered for Spring 2021.

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