Student Organization Fundraising Guidance

Students dancing with WFU Demon Deacon at Wake n' Shake event

Student Organizations fundraise in a variety of ways and for many purposes, but in all cases they should do so with a full awareness of the university’s expectations about student fundraising activities.

Role of University Advancement in Student Organization Fundraising

University Advancement (UA) is responsible for all fundraising activity at WFU. All charitable contributions must be processed through the UA gifts team. UA will deposit all charitable contributions and issue gift receipts for cash contributions and other gift acknowledgements for non-cash contributions. Additionally, UA may offer advice and guidance on:

  • What constitutes as a charitable gift
  • The processing of non-cash contributions
  • Fundraising campaigns

Role of SOFO in Student Organization Fundraising

SOFO assists University Advancement by:

  • Providing a point of contact for student organizations that are holding fundraisers
  • Answering fundraising questions
  • Facilitating the transfer of donated funds and other requirements to UA staff

If SOFO is unable to answer your question, our staff will consult with UA, and sometimes initiate contact between your group and their experts when more detailed discussions are required.

Fundraising Topics