Pay Organization Expenses
Pay Organization Expenses
Accept Payments
Accept Payments
  • Have a Sale

    Planning to sell goods or services? Let us guide you to risk-free options for accepting payments. Begin by registering your sale below!

    Register a Sale

  • Sell Tickets

    Many groups hold ticket sales for large events. Some want to accept registrations for classes or workshops. Whether you’ll be charging an admission fee or simnply want an accurate head count, we can get you set up for online ticketing. Start by registering your sale and we’ll collect your ticketing info along the way!

    Not sure what info you’ll need to provide? Download the Cvent Online Ticketing Worksheet for Student Orgs.

    Register Sale with Online Ticketing

  • Accept Donations

    Any time your group has a fundraiser or accepts donations, whether the purpose is to fund your group activities or contribute to your favorite charitable cause, it’s important to know that the university has special guidelines for how such deposits should be handled. Registering your fundraiser is not just required, it’s the first step to receiving resources and guidance!

    Register your Fundraiser

  • Deposit Cash or Checks

    We hope your sale, ticketed event, or fundraiser was a huge success! It’s important to deposit your proceeds into your 129 account or Agency fund in a timely way.

    Learn How

Finance How To for WFU Student Organizations

How Do I…?

  • Participate in the DB Card Program?
    This program is open to all students who successfully complete a short, online training. Visit the program page for training access.
  • Request a check payment to my supplier?
    Student organization supplier payments are now handled by SOFO staff. If you have an invoice to pay, submit a Request for Payment.
  • Have funds transferred from our 129 account to another university organization?
    Request an internal funds transfer, or Journal Entry with this Journal Entry Request.
  • Establish an Agency Fund for our group?
    An Agency Fund is like an on-campus checking account for your group. Visit this page to find out more.
  • Get a contract approved with a speaker or performer?
    Did you know students are not allowed to make verbal or written contracts with suppliers? Contract assistance is available through the Office of Student Engagement. Visit this page to learn more.
  • Make a deposit to one of our accounts?
    Student groups can make deposits at the Cashier’s Window in Reynolda 107. For more information about deposits, visit this page.
  • Find help for our financial questions?
    Not sure where your question fits? Contact us and we’ll connect you with the appropriate resources.
Ticket Graphic for SOFO online ticketing process for student organizations

Stress-free Online Ticketing

Whether you plan to sell tickets for a concert or party, or accept registrations for a home tournament or conference, SOFO has you covered. Student event ticketing will now be offered through Cvent, an easy, secure, online solution for student group online ticketing or registration needs.

What are the advantages of using Cvent?

  • Quick and easy set up by SOFO staff
  • Daily deposits of ticketing revenue to your SBAC or Agency accounts
  • Flexible and configured according to your event needs
  • Protects your attendees credit card information
  • Attendance and sales reports provided
  • Sell at the door and check attendees in with equipment provided by SOFO

If you have questions about the online ticketing and registration process for student organizations, get in touch! Contact Amy Mohan at

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