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Requests, Pickups & Returns
Fees & Guidelines


  • Must request at least 3 business days in advance. Use of credit card terminals or mobile payment devices is subject to equipment availability, so it is best to request as soon as you know your sale date.
  • Groups may keep loaner equipment for up to 2 days or, for weekend use, Friday through Monday.

Requests, Pickups and Returns

  • Complete the Mobile Device request form found at the SOFO website. One or two responsible users may be listed. All responsible users must sign and submit a Confidentiality Agreement.
  • If the request is approved and the responsible parties have never used the assigned device, SOFO staff will email the primary requester to schedule a training appointment. The training may take up to 15-20 minutes.
  • Pick up the payment device(s) at the reception desk in the Student Organization Finance Office, Benson University Center, room 218. Bring Confidentiality Agreements for all responsible parties and your student ID. SOFO staff will review the contents of the equipment case with you, and provide a copy of the check out form.
  • Return all equipment in good condition to the SOFO reception desk by the due date and time listed on your check out form. A student listed as responsible party must return the equipment.

Fees & Guidelines

  • At the conclusion of your sale, your group Treasurer will receive an emailed statement detailing the transaction total and number and type of items sold. An internal funds transfer to your group Agency fund will be initiated within 5 business days of the conclusion of your event.
  • The cost of using these devices to accept payments is 5% of sales, which covers credit card and transaction fees. This fee will be deducted from your sale proceeds before the internal funds transfer occurs. It is your group’s decision whether to increase the price of your item in order to compensate for the fee.
  • You will receive a mobile payment device or system, as well as charging cables, when you pick up the equipment. All components must be returned in good condition, or replacement fees may be charged to your group budget or Agency Fund.
  • Keeping payment devices and your sale transactions secure is of the utmost importance. Your organization may designate up to three responsible parties, who must assume responsibility for safeguarding the borrowed devices. Each one will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and provide contact information. A designated user will need to be present at all times when the equipment is being used for sales.
  • The Mobile Device Request Form records the purpose and location of your sale. Using the equipment for an unapproved purpose or in an unapproved location is grounds for permanent dismissal from future use.
  • You may not use borrowed iOS devices for any other use besides taking payments.

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