Paying for SAF-funded Events

Was Your Event Approved for Student Activity Fee (SAF) Funding?

Great news! All SAF expenses will now be handled through SOFO, so please read on for SAF-related guidance:

Once your funding is approved, please be mindful of the following expectations:

  • Refer back to the SAF guidelines to ensure your program is in compliance.
  • Remember to use the SAF logo and acknowledge SAF as a funding source on all marketing materials for your program. The SAF logo is available for download here:
  • Please make sure the expenses do not exceed the amount that was approved.
  • If all of the money requested is not needed for your program, please let the committee know. We would love to further support other organizations’ programs!
  • Make sure you complete the post event evaluation.

Paying your event expenses

All expenses associated with your SAF funding will be paid through the Student Organization Finance Office.

The Declining Balance Card Program is the preferred form of payment. If you need to request a payment by check, refer to this page.

If you have questions or are unsure how best to make a payment to a supplier, contact Amy Mohan (

Additionally, a member of the SAF Committee will be reaching out you after the event in order for you to set up a post-event reflection meeting. Thanks for accessing SAF to create a vibrant and inclusive campus community!