Making a Deposit

Whenever your group accepts cash or checks from a sale, performance or fundraiser, it’s important to deposit this revenue in a timely manner. WFU Finance and Accounting Services requires all faculty, staff, and student organizations to deposit any cash and checks that are received within one business day of receipt.

Unless you are instructed otherwise due to fundraising requirements, all deposits will go into your group’s Agency Fund. To establish an Agency Fund, contact SOFO at

SOFO staff will assist your group in completing deposits:

  1. Make an appointment with our office.
  2. Bring your cash or checks to the appointment.
  3. We will create the deposit in the WFU financial system and provide you with a deposit number.
  4. You will then visit the University Cashier in Reynolda Hall 207 to turn in your cash or checks to the cashier.
  5. Questions? Contact us at

Student Organization Finance Office

Hours of Operation
Virtual appointments available during regular business hours
Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 4:30pm
Contact Us:

SOFO will reopen on August 16, 2021 in Benson 332.

DB Card pickup/return: Benson 139 (Office of the Dean of Students)
General Questions and Assistance: Benson 332
Fundraising and Payment Acceptance: Benson 333

Stay Safe

Planning for your personal security and the security of your funds

  • As much as possible, keep the existence of your cash stash on a “need to know” basis among your group members.
  • Don’t broadcast to others that you’re transporting a deposit. Be sure to hide the cash from view inside a bag or envelope.
  • If your event ends late and you have to transport your cash proceeds from a venue, travel in a group. Never carry a large amount of cash alone at night!
  • Finally, if you hold a sale over a long period of time, you should plan to make frequent deposits rather than holding all cash proceeds until the sale ends.
Mugger - how to keep your cash safe