SFA Mid-year Feedback

Please submit this feedback form by 5pm on Friday, November 30. Thank you!

  • Since Student Financial Assistant is a new position, please tell us about your growth so far this semester. How comfortable did you feel with the job when you began, and how comfortable do you feel now? How much did you understand about student organization finances before you became a SOFO employee and what are the most significant things you have learned since then? We appreciate your feedback!
  • List your key strengths as a student employee and areas in which you would like to grow and develop. Be specific and provide examples.
  • In your opinion, what are the most common "pain points" or areas of confusion/difficulty for students when managing student organization finances?
  • You may have verbally expressed concerns or ideas about SOFO processes that could be better, but we would appreciate having that feedback in writing. Once again, thanks for helping us be the best we can be!
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