Register a Sale or Fundraiser

Why register our sale or fundraiser?

The answer is simple: handling payments and donations incorrectly can cause unwanted consequences for your group’s budget and reputation.

For this reason, student groups are now required to complete the form below whenever they’re planning to accept payments and/or donations. Collection of organization revenue through individual members’ personal accounts (Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, etc.) is not allowed.

Fortunately, SOFO can help. Registering your sale or fundraiser enables us to direct your group to the appropriate resources. As a bonus, in many cases this will speed up and simplify the delivery of revenue to your organization’s accounts.

Use this form anytime you plan to:

  • Sell goods, services or event tickets
  • Accept fees for fun runs, service trips, workshops or conferences
  • Charge your members for dues, uniforms, or other supplies
  • Solicit monetary donations
  • Ask businesses to donate prizes or other items
  • Enter into agreements to receive “a percent of the sales”

Questions? Contact Amy Mohan @